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  • doni99 2 years ago

    doni99's avatar

    Dis convo is soo funny as!

  • doni99 3 years ago

    doni99's avatar

    U right Cathylawa!

  • cathylawa 3 years ago

    cathylawa's avatar

    danial!! if u hate glogsterr why do u freakin do it?!?! now shoo ur driving me mad

  • Doni123 3 years ago

    Doni123's avatar

    Come down mate, why be harsh on me????? :P Ha, you are one crack-up dude! :)

  • danielenco 3 years ago

    danielenco's avatar

    I hate glogster I mean what is so good about it and Doni123 you are everywere I do not like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Doni123 3 years ago

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    Happy Birthday Pliegroovenshuffle! hehehe!

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